About Us

MeriTaleem.com - One Stop For Higher Education In Pakistan

Meritaleem is a centralized platform for Pakistani students. Through our information portal the students can access relevant resources to make an informed decision about their higher education. We also provide the facility to the students to apply to various programs at different universities via online admissions portal. Students in need of guidance can get in touch with the experts and benefit from online and offline career counseling.

Who We Are

MeriTaleem has following services for the students:

Information Portal: The portal has information on the fields of study to pursue, a complete database of programs offered at universities and colleges and updates regarding admission dates, scholarships and events happening around the country.

Online Admissions Portal: Very few universities in Pakistan provide the facility of online applications for admissions. MeriTaleem offers a centralized online admissions system to make the students’ life easy. Now the students can apply to any university in Pakistan without having to worry about visiting the university campus for application forms.

Career Counseling: We have compiled very comprehensive and student-friendly handbooks to guide those in need. Even after going through them the student feels at loss about which career path to choose, he/she can easily get in touch with our experts through live-chat, phone calls or email. The student can also schedule an in-person counselling session to make an informed decision.

Our History

MeriTaleem.com is a fruit of years of research, effort and hard work. Our team spent their days and nights building one-stop for higher education in Pakistan. We have shared laughs, we have shed tears, we have fought against all odds and have finally started. We understand there is still a long way to go but here are our mile-stones achieved so far: