Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET)

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BS
Department: Engineering
Campus: Jamshoro

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How To Apply

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Tuition Fee

PKR 6,000/- per Semester


Telecommunications engineering, or telecom engineering, is an engineering discipline that brings together electrical engineering with computer science to enhancetelecommunication systems. The work ranges from basic circuit design to strategic mass developments. A telecommunication engineer is responsible for designing and overseeing the installation of telecommunications equipment and facilities, such as complex electronic switching systems, copper wire telephone facilities, and fiber optics. Telecommunication engineering also overlaps heavily with broadcast engineering.

Degree requirements for this program are:

  • Candidates, who have passed the HSC Part-II (Pre-Engineering) in Annual   Examination 2013 or prior up to Annual Examination 2011 with at least B-Grade 60% aggregate marks are only eligible to apply for admission, under Regular, Self Financing Scheme, and Special Scheme. The Candidates having H.S.C. Part-II in (General Science) with at least B-Grade 60% aggregate marks are only eligible for degree courses of BE Electronics, BE Telecommunication, BE Computer Systems and BE Software. Candidates having at least 60% aggregate marks in Annual  Examination 2013 or prior up to Annual Examination 2011, of  Diploma of Associate Engineer in the relevant technology of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Chemical, Architecture are eligible to apply under Regular Scheme.

Career of telecommunication in Pakistan exists in every firm or institution which is correlating with any telecommunication related field like in banks, In Universities, In Engineering Industries and other private business which have their different branches in different areas. All the branches are connected with a wireless or a wired network. This network holds by a telecommunication engineer. So if a person who can operate and this network and can solve the problem in this network his career is very bright because such person is very acceptable from all the companies.

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