Hajvery University

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BS
Department: HU School of Engneering and Computer Sciences
Campus: Lahore

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How To Apply

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Tuition Fee

PKR 50,000/- per Semester


Telecommunications is leading the information revolution. Developments in multimedia applications, fibre optics, chip and switching technologies are rapidly changing the way we live. To compete effectively in today’s global market, professionals need to keep informed of innovative advances in technologies that fundamentally affect the telecommunications industry.

Degree requirements for this program are:

  • F.Sc. (Pre-engineering), A Level (with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) or    equivalent

The Course objective to provide students with the technological and competitive skills needed in the design and engineering of modern telecommunications systems and networks. They will provide students with opportunities to:
* Develop a fundamental understanding the principles of telecommunications engineering.
* Develop an understanding of the basic principles underlying the planning and management of telecommunications networks.
* Acquire a broad knowledge of telecommunications networks.
* Obtain the mathematical and computational skills necessary for the solution of theoretical and practical problems.
* Develop analytical, problem solving and design skills applicable to telecommunications engineering.
* Develop oral and written communication skills specific to the needs of the telecommunications industry

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