Riphah International University

Duration: Full Time, 3-5 Years
Degree Type: MBBS
Department: Medical
Campus: Rawalpindi

Admission Date

Jul-Aug, Dec-Jan

How To Apply

To apply, click on this link

Tuition Fee

PKR 65,500/- per Semester


Islamic International Medical College was one of the five colleges selected by PM&DC to implement integrated curriculum. It was a great honor for the College and reflected trust of the regulatory authority which it has in the College. At the same time it was a great challenge for the College to undertake this most modern system of medical education. Faculty of the College worked day and night to prepare itself to meet this challenge

Degree requirement for this program is:

  • F.Sc(pre-medical) or IBCC equivalence 60%
  • Foreign education system (e.g. A Level) three science subjects out of which two must be Biology and Chemistry with 60% marks in each and it should have the equivalence from IBCC

Medicine is an ever growing, ever changing field. Doctors and researchers can spend their whole lives trying to find a cure for a disease only to realise that when they have, a new disease takes its place and hence the cycle begins again. This is just one of the many reasons why students choose medical studies.Being a medical student  because there is no beginning, no end to learning new knowledge  and therefore you never stop learning

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