The University of Faisalabad (TUF)

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BDS
Department: UMDC
Campus: Faisalabad

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The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program at the UMDC is the only professional dental program in Pakistan. Students are involved in clinical procedures from the outset of the program, with an emphasis on the recognition and prevention of oral diseases. The program is stimulating and enjoyable. It develops attitudes and skills necessary for continual learning after graduation, that is, life-long learning. Good oral health is an integral part of good general health. The aim of this program is to enable graduates to register as dentists to practice in Pakistan. Graduates are encouraged to strive through their advocacy and clinical practice to empower patients and communities to maintain optimal oral health throughout their lives

Degree requirement for this program is:

  • FSc /A Level 60% or DAE 2nd Division. 1. For local Pakistani students. The candidate who has passed the Intermediate Science (FSc) Examination (Medical Group) securing at least 60% marks in aggregate, unadjusted, from a Pakistani University or an equivalent examination of a Board of Secondary Education in Pakistan
  • The candidate who has passed any other examination of a foreign University or examining body, which contains the subjects declared as essential by Council in scope and standard, is found equivalent upon certification by the IBCC to the Intermediate Science (FSc with 60% marks) Examination of a Pakistani University or Board of Secondary Education
  • The candidate who has passed an examination higher than the FSc of a Pakistani University with Biological Sciences provided she has passed the Intermediate Science (FSc Examination) (Medical Group) securing at least 60% marks in aggregate, unadjusted, from a Pakistani University or an equivalent examination of a Board of Secondary Education in Pakistan and she shall be eligible. However, the appearance in the central entry test arranged by Provincial Authority is compulsory for admission in MBBS/BDS program
  • The candidate who has passed an examination equivalent to intermediate level of Pakistan from a foreign education system with three science subjects out of which Biology and Chemistry are essential subjects with 60% marks in each as certified by IBCC, is eligible to appear in the entry test of MBBS/BDS. On open merit seats no admission shall be given except through the provincial entry test. Subject wise equivalence by IBCC shall be acceptable; study group mentioned by IBCC shall have no effect on the eligibility for admission if any
  • On foreign seats only and not on open merit seats, in lieu of the entry test of the admission authority, the candidates is required to have passed SAT II examination score with minimum 550 marks in each of the three science subjects of which two have to be Biology and Chemistry
  • The candidate is required to present a valid TOFEL or IELT with a score of 500 or 5.5 only if the medium of instruction of study two years prior to application for admission/entry test is not English. An alternate to TOEFL and IELT is a certification by NUML University Islamabad after a one year English language course

BDS Dentistry graduates have opportunities to work in general practice, the community dental service, hospital practice, university teaching and research, various individual organisations and the armed forces. Graduates wishing to work in general practice are required to undertake a year of mandatory vocational dental practice working under the supervision of an experienced dentist in a recognized practice. Travelling fellowships and government posts may offer opportunities overseas. Career prospects in Dentistry are good with graduates able to register to practice as a dentist anywhere in Australia. There is a significant shortage of qualified dentists in most areas of Australia, particularly in rural and regional centres. Most graduates find work prior to, or shortly after, graduation. Dentists can work in both private practice and in the public dental health system. Dentists employed in the public sector work in schools, universities, community health centres, mobile dental vans, hospitals and other institutions

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