University of Lahore (UOL)

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BSc
Department: Creative Arts
Campus: Lahore

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How To Apply

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Tuition Fee

PKR 79,000/- per Semester


The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Media and Communication Studies is characterized by its progressive structure, which allows for increasing specialization through the program. The course has been designed as a rigorous yet interactive approach towards both theory and practical subjects. Specific studio courses, which are open ended in their approach are designed to give the student a chance to interact with the faculty according to general agendas to discuss and develop new ideas.
The core courses provide the student with the capability to harness the concepts and technologies according to their needs. A wide array of elective and summer courses have also been designed to further facilitate the students towards a better understanding of their curriculum and the field of media and communication. In general terms, the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Media and Communication aims to provide the following opportunities for students.

Degree requirement for this program are:

  • Intermediate (Minimum 50% ), A Levels

The students of this course will acquire the training and skills required for exceeding in the fields of print, television, radio and online journalism, corporate communications, media theory, media regulation and public policy, and media and public relations. 

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