University of Swat (USWAT)

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BS
Department: Department of Environtmental Science
Campus: Swat

Admission Date


How To Apply

The applicant shall fill in the application form and shall submit the same in admission section by due date.

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The subject carries substantial scope and importance in relation to District Swat and Malakand Agency. The area keeps an international history and background in terms of Eco-Tourism and the department aims to produce human resource with the capacity to further its every aspect and component of Environment and land use by Agriculture, Horticulture, Siliviculture, and Pastoralism.

Degree requirement for this program is:

  • HSSC or Equivalent with at least 45% marks in aggregate.

Environmental scientists work to regulate, control and prevent air, land and water pollution. Whether your goal is to utilize scientific research to help governments and businesses, or prepare to transition into teaching after earning a bachelor's degree, this degree program can be a great step. The Graduates of Environmental Science Department are competent to work in Eco-Laboratories, Institutes, Organizations, NGO's and Industries of UK, USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, etc.

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