The University of Faisalabad (TUF)

Duration: Full Time, 5 Years
Degree Type: D Pharm
Department: Pharmacy
Campus: Faisalabad

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Pharm-D is a semester based program comprising of 10 semesters and 192 credit hours. It consists of 35% practicals and almost 65% theory. Well qualified and capable faculty is running this program for preparing professionally skilled and legally qualified pharmacists. In addition to this nationally or internationally recognized experts are invited to address seminars and conduct workshops at least once a month. Industrial visits and internship are also part and parcel of the Program. Pharmacist\\\'s role in the healthcare system is increasing with the development of new drugs, emergence of new resistant microbes, and the changes in healthcare delivery systems. With increasing healthcare costs, pharmacist\\\'s role in providing cost effective medicines is becoming vital. Pharmacists constitute third largest professional healthcare group in the world but they still have a long way to play a significant role in the healthcare milieu of Pakistan. The country needs more than 82,000 pharmacists for a population of above 180 million a target that is still too far from being achieved

Degree requirement for this program is:

  • FSc (Pre-Medical) with minimum 60% marks or its equivalent

Pharmacy is an emerging field in health care system. It is Multidisciplinary profession and graduates have numerous opportunities to develop their careers in the following fields:

  • Hospital Pharmacy Services: Pharmacists are offered services for dispensing and compounding of the medicines, drug procurement, distribution and therapeutic monitoring 
  • Industry Pharmacy: In the manufacturing units, the Pharmacists have to work in procurement of raw material, quality control, production and quality assurance departments for the development of safe and efficacious pharmaceutical products
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing: With a strong knowledge of administration and management skills, pharmacists are also working and holding top positions even outside the country
  • Regulatory Services: The pharmacists are also working in Provincial as well as in Federal Regulatory Departments to maintain stringent control of in the quality, pricing, import and export of drugs and raw materials which are used in the pharmaceutical industries
  • Community Services: Pharmacists are also rendering their services in community pharmacies for handling Extemporaneous and Non- Extemporaneous pharmaceutical products
  • Research and Development: It is a very vital field and needs high expertise for the development of drug delivery systems
  • Drug Information Centers: The rational use of the drugs is need of the time and the pharmacist in this regard can play very vital role by establishing these centers

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