Karakoram International University (KIU)

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BA
Department: Modern Languages
Campus: Gilgit

Admission Date

Mar-Apr, Aug-Sep

How To Apply

To apply, click on this link.

Tuition Fee



The study of language. The Linguist is an expert in analyzing the internal structure of language, including the grammatical and phonological components. He is highly knowledgeable about the history, categorization, standardization, and comparison of languages and dialects. He is also knowledgeable about the development of language skills in children and animals. Linguists will usually be fluent in at least one foreign language and often specialize in a particular language family. Knowledge of linguistics will allow the scientist to analyze a new language and pick up its syntax and semantics more rapidly if a suitable instructor is not available. 

Degree requirement for this program is:

  • FSC/FA
  • Equivalence if other than FSc (A’Level etc..)
  • 50% marks

Many linguistics majors go on to teach English to speakers of other languages, or to teach other languages in which they have expertise.

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