Greenwich University

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BEd
Department: Education
Campus: Karachi

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This degree program is designed for prospective teachers, empowering them to make adjustments in teaching strategies according to the nature and scope of the curriculum. They will also be able to self-evaluate the success of their teaching in terms of the students’ growth. The program develops their skills and competencies, which will be helpful in effective pedagogy and maximum learning for the students.

Degree requirements for this program are:

  • Intermediate or equivalent

You can pursue career in: Librarian Careers
Working as a librarian can allow you to still help students in a learning capacity but in a different environment than the classroom. Many teachers figure out too late that the classroom isn’t for them, and this field is just a different approach to teaching.

After you’ve earned your Bachelor’s degree in education, you’ll have to pursue a Master’s degree in library science to start in this field.
School Counselor Careers
In high school (and even in grades lower than that), school counselors can be just as important as the teachers themselves. With no one else to turn to, students need the advice and help from school counselors more than they even know.
This is another path that allows you to help students in a different way than being an educator. You can become a counselor and help students with their personal problems, or a career counselor and help them make decisions about college and their future.
A Master’s degree in counseling is necessary for making it in this field, in addition to being licensed if working in private practice.
Instructional Coordinator Careers
Here’s one path that you might not think of right away. Instructional coordinators are the professionals in charge of making sure every teacher is teaching their students the right way. They design the teaching curriculum for the entire district and even manage the teaching standards required.
Becoming an instructional coordinator gives you the power to help students on a much larger scale as the entire district relies on you and your skills. Plus, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is projected to grow by 20% by 2020, which puts it faster than the national average.
You will need a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, and many also hold a Master’s degree in the content field in which they plan to specialize, such as English.
School Administrator Careers
Much like the instructional coordinator, school administrators are in charge of more than just their classroom. Becoming a principal or postsecondary school administrator just might be up the alley for students who do not feel that the classroom is the right setting for them to help students.
School administrators need to have a Master’s degree in education leadership or education administration to work in this field, and one of the best ways to make it into one of those programs is to have a Bachelor’s degree in education.
Social Worker Careers
Maybe you love working with students but want to help on a more personal level. Or perhaps you want to help people of all ages in a field that has a little more job security. Social work is the way to accomplish all of this.
Social workers help people cope with and cure their problems and issues. And with a projected job growth rate of 25% by 2020 (according to the BLS), the field will only continue to expand.
A Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in social work is typically required for entering this field, but a degree in education will put you ahead of the game as you will already have many of the necessary skills on hand.

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