COMMECS Institute of Business and Emerging Sciences (COMMECS)

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BBA
Department: Management Sciences
Campus: Karachi

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Tuition Fee

PRK 60,400/- per Semester


The BBA 4 year Program is designed to provide a solid theoretical understanding while developing useable skills within the broad spectrum of business problems. Teaching is through lectures, seminars and group work balanced by case studies. All of this encourages exchange of ideas, insights and information among students and teacher. The program is spread over eight semesters. It consists of 144 credit hours spread over 48 courses. Students are allowed six courses (18 Credit hours) per semester.

The BBA Philosophy
A Bachelor of Business degree prepares you for an entry level position in business and industry. A Bachelor of Business degree teaches students about, management, marketing, principles, accounting mathematical statistics and business law. The degree allows students to enter the business field as educated workers and provides them with an opportunity to explore possible areas of specialization. A BBA degree is essential for advancement in business and industry. Successful completion ensures that the graduate understands the relationship between marketing quantitative analysis, accounting, economics, and human resources.

Degree requirement for this program are:

  • Minimum 50% marks in HSC/Equivalent Exams

Why a BBA Degree?
Why do you need a BBA degree as compared to a Bachelor degree in any other discipline? The answer to this question is very simple. There has been a tremendous growth in industry and commerce. The world has witnessed a sustained period of economic growth and prosperity. This has led to the creation of entry level positions in business and finance. Although Businesses need leaders to move forward, they also need skilled workers in putting their ideas forward .A BBA degree will help you with a solid foundation to establish your career .A BBA degree ensures that you have professionally relevant skills that will help you perform your job in a better manner.
A BBA degree will give you the opportunity to help implement the concepts and ideas designed by business leaders. It will help you get the handsome experience that will help you to face future challenges and career promotions.

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