NED University of Engineering and Technology

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BA
Department: Humanities
Campus: Karachi

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This program of study that deals with application of pure (theoretical ) linguistics and the use of language-related research in a wide variety of fields, including language acquisition, language teaching, literacy, literary studies, gender studies, speech therapy, discourse analysis, censorship, workplace communication, media studies, translation studies, lexicography, forensic linguistics and computational linguistics.

Degree requirements for this program is:

  • HSC or equivalent qualification.

The degree will prepare candidates for careers in the fields of Applied Linguistics, Language Education, Foreign Language Education and English as a Foreign/Second Language. Graduates will be able to apply for English language teaching across all levels of education and in all varieties of language teaching organizations/institutes; teacher education in Language and English with government and non government organizations especially in the development sector dealing with education; and pursue PhD studies in Applied Linguistics/ESL/ELT/TEFL/ESP/TESOL.

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