The University of Management and Technology (UMT)

Duration: Full Time, 1.5 Years
Degree Type: MS
Department: Professional Advancement
Campus: Lahore

Admission Date

Aug-Sep, Dec-Jan

How To Apply

To apply, click on this link

Tuition Fee

PKR 100,000/- per Semester


MS Agri-business Management is much needed program for Pakistani burgeoning student community. The program has focus on developing skilled work force for rapidly growing agribusiness sector of Pakistan. The program aims to provide students with the advance knowledge of various agricultural sciences to enable him to acquire insights into the technological aspects of agriculture. Also, it aims to provide him with the advance tools of business and economic analysis which he will use in identifying the emerging opportunities and foreseeing the impending problems and finding their solution.

Degree requirement for this program are:

  • 16 Years Relevant Qualifications - All applications are evaluated on the basis of merit determined by the applicant's previous academic record and performance in the admission interview

The Agribusiness Master program entails rich employment opportunities in MNCs as well as in local agricultural related SMEs. Depending upon the specialization of the students, they may join any agribusiness firm or start their own business. At the core of agribusiness jobs are those that are directly associated with agricultural production and marketing. Jobs in agri-farming also present a big opportunity along with consulting positions in the sector at national and international levels.

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