University of Karachi (UOK)

Duration: N/A
Degree Type: BArch
Department: Visual Studies
Campus: Karachi

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The Architecture program seeks to produce Architects capable of design solution in the context of social and technical research and innovation. The course consists of Architectural Theory and History, Building related Technologies, Service and Materials, Communication Skills and the application of these in Studio Practice. The Program acknowledges the digital revolution, introducing computer-aided design in the secondary year of the course.
Practical on-site experience and visits to relevant locations, along with their documentation and analysis, are undertaken to help the student relate the issues of the built environment issues.
A four-month internship program allows the students to gain valuable practical experience leading to a graduating degree project.

Degree requirements for this program are:

  • Intermediate or equivalent

Architectural Design of buildings, Urban/Rural Planning, Architectural Research, Historical site management, Interior Design, Landscape architecture.

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