The University of Management and Technology (UMT)

Duration: Full Time, 2 Years
Degree Type: MArch
Department: Science and Technology
Campus: Lahore

Admission Date

Aug-Sep, Dec-Jan

How To Apply

To apply, click on this link

Tuition Fee

PKR 100,000/- per Semester


Architectural studies have always been a bridge between engineering sciences and the arts. In an era of unprecedented construction boom in a developing country like Pakistan, it has become more imperative than ever before to equip our architects with the right tools to participate in this highly competitive industry. The curriculum and structure of this program is designed to cater for the demands of this profession in the new era and is comparable to any international degree program.

Degree requirement for this program are:

  • BS in City & Regional Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Building & Architectural Engineering.
  • All applications are evaluated on the basis of merit as determined by their previous academic record and performance in admission test/interview.
  • Candidates possessing four-year degrees in other fields, are also eligible for entrance to this program, but may be required to take additional undergraduate courses.

The curriculum is designed to focus on depth and breadth of knowledge of architecture in continuation of Bachelor of Architecture. This includes special emphasis on Urban Design, Architectural Conservation, Socially Responsive, Sustainable and Energy Efficient Architecture with appropriate considerations of future needs. The studies help in gaining more confidence and maturity to play a leading role in National and International projects of architecture, planning and various issues of the Built Environment.
The candidates with higher qualifications are highly needed in architectural firms. They are preferred to be hired as teaching and research faculty for both undergraduate and postgraduate education. This degree will open up access to jobs in multinational and national companies which need highly skilled persons in Planning, Design and construction


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