Lahore Leads University

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BSc
Department: Literature
Campus: Lahore

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With our BA in English/Urdu Language and Literature degree, you will gain the communication and research skills that are prized by employers. Learn to think critically and write effectively in any career you choose. A bachelor’s degree in literature, language and writing prepares undergraduate students for professions like editing, technical writing, market research, sales and speech writing. An English or Urdu degree is beneficial in developing your creative side as well as your communication and people skills. 

Degree requirements for this program are:

  • F.A, F.Sc with at least second division

 Since that first job the story has been similar whenever my degree came up. I worked in Information Technology for three years. In the two positions I held when the matter of my degree came up it was looked at as a sign that I would be good for the writing tasks of the job. Whether that writing was report writing, technical writing, or business correspondence my degree was seen as a positive. My degree wasn\'t what drove my career path but it was an additional qualification that helped me get into positions I could excel in the companies I worked for.

After four years of working and two lay-offs I chose to return to school. I quit my job and I went to film school to pursue screenwriting. My English degree helped me to prepare for film school and for screenwriting specifically. My English degree gave me a grounding in storytelling that helped while learning the ins and outs of screenwriting. Now, I work as a freelance screenwriter and am using my English degree much more directly. I apply theory from my theory classes when working on a script. I also use my knowledge of the literature canon to evaluate my story ideas and scripts I am employed to re-write.

A Bachelor\'s Degree in English Literature doesn\'t open too many doors career-wise. It\'s a first step towards certain career paths like teaching that require more schooling. In and of itself it didn\'t offer me much. I wasn\'t able to leverage it to get me a job in a field relevant to my study but I was able to use it to make myself look more attractive to potential employers as I had a demonstrable skill for writing. My English Literature degree helped in many jobs but wasn\'t key to my work until I chose to pursue further schooling and a career in a field that directly addressed the skills learned from the degree.

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