Minhaj University, Lahore (MUL)

Duration: Full Time, 2 Years
Degree Type: BA
Department: Shariah & Islamic Law
Campus: Lahore

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Jan-Feb, Jun-Jul

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Arabic language is one of the advanced languages of the world. Inspite of being the oldest language, it stands amongst the living languages of the world. Its importance in a Muslim Society or a Country becomes utmost and especially for us in Pakistan. Moreover, the majesty of the Muslim Civilization, Culture and the Salinity of the Muslim Arab Knowledge is found in this prestigious language.
The version of basic sources of Islam, especially Al-Qur'an and As-Sunnah provides the Arabic language grandeur and increases its importance.
The faculty of Arts and Social Sciences after realizing its significance has started the learning of this language in BS Honors (4 year course) in Arabic except short courses like Functional Arabic and Business Arabic and research program in Arabic language at Post-Graduate level. It has opened opportunities for the youth to do research work at M. Phil level leading to attaining Ph. D.

Degree requirements for this program are:

  •  Intermediate

 The main objectives of these courses and research program are:

  •     To promote the Qur'anic language in Non-Arab Muslim society.
  •     To enable the experts in different technical fields to bring out their abilities in Arab countries.
  •   To keep alive the Islamic History & Culture hidden in Arabic Literature through research methodology.
  •     To enhance understanding of the students regarding Islamic Civilization.
  •    To enhance the skill of the students for understanding of current issues related to faith and religious life.

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