University of Wah

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BSc (Hons)
Department: Economics
Campus: Wah

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How To Apply

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Tuition Fee

PKR 22,068/- per Semester


The objective of the program is to develop an understanding of economic aspects of contemporary life and to equip the student to assess and analyze economic issues confronting the society. B.Sc (Honors) in Economics is a four year degree program for new entrants in the labor market. It is based on a diverse and modern curriculum with an interdisciplinary approach. This degree is the launching pad for developing human resource. The student has to be exposed to basic oral, literal and numeral skill. The student has also to be prepared in the foundations of his/her specialized study, in this case economics. The introductory year uses the basic elements of economic analysis for understanding the price mechanism and macro-economic problems.  In the second year of the program, economic theory will sharpen the analytical ability of the student. Groundwork will be laid for quantitative ability and empirical methods. This is also the time to enable the student to exercise choice beyond economics and learn about the real world of business.  The third year is to develop rigor in the main field of specialization and exercise choices within the field. At this final stage, the student is ready to present the endeavors of his study in a seminar, in the form of independent study or have the confidence of making a power point presentation to the peers

Degree requirements for this program are:

  •  F.Sc (with Economics as a Subject)
  • Atleast 2nd Devision Required

B.Sc (Hons) in Economics graduates have bright prospects in a wide-ranging careers in business, public corporations, academic institutions, and research, federal, provincial, banks and local governments. Many organizations seek good economic planners and evaluators. The graduates will have opportunity in the public and private sector organizations. 

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