University of Wah

Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BS
Department: Chemical Engineering
Campus: Wah

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How To Apply

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Tuition Fee

PKR 63,700/- per Semester


The department is offering courses of study leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. The curriculum of the degree course has been designed to prepare students for all activities related to the operation, design, maintenance, management and supervision of all chemical, bio chemical and polymer plants. Apart from the usual basic courses and core courses in Chemical Engineering, due importance is given to allied areas of economics and management, safety, environment, etc. An emphasis is given to the use of computers by the students in solving problems, design of equipment, and plants. Industrial training and study tours are arranged regularly for field inspection and hands on training in the industries of national importance. Students are encouraged to work independently and are assigned projects to stimulate their analytical and intellectual abilities.

Degree requirements for this program are:

  •  FSc (Pre-Engineering) or equivalent with at least 60% marks or DAE with 1st division in relevant technology from any institute recognized by the Government.
  • Merit will be determined on the basis of 70% FSc marks & 30% entry test marks.
  • Every student seeking admission should pass the entry test. However, UET entry test result is acceptable and such candidates are exempted from the University of Wah Undergraduate Entry Test.

The mission of chemical engineering is to educate and train the students to enhance their professional knowledge, by providing them an excellent background in problem solving ability, analytical design & communicate skills.
Objectives of Chemical Engineering

  • To enable the graduate to apply knowledge gained in the degree, effectively and efficiently.
  • To successfully bring innovation in related technology with Cost effectiveness.
  • To step into Research and Development (R&D) effectively.
  • To pursue higher studies in any international University.
  • To successfully operate chemical plant and solve troubleshooting cases.
  • To optimize the plant by keeping in view the maximum production and minimum cost.
  • To conduct pilot plant study to understand the proper function of a plant.

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