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Duration: Full Time, 4 Years
Degree Type: BS
Department: Social Sciences
Campus: Lahore

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Media studies degrees may have a reputation as an easy degree, but anyone who has actually studied the topic will tell you how difficult it really is. However, finding a job after graduating is even harder, with more and more graduate flooding the market each year. Experience is everything in the media world, so be prepared to but in some long, unpaid hours to make your mark. Political Science has always been a useful general degree for many occupations. It involves the study of government and politics using systematic methods to draw objective conclusions. This includes a focus on political parties, the electoral process, interest groups, governments and how they operate, and the policies they put forward.
Political Science is the most common university degree for individuals wishing to pursue a career in law or in public administration and politics. Training in Political Science is ideal for students planning to attend law school as our discipline focuses on many of the same skills and knowledge bases required of law students; these students may wish to complete a Minor in Law and Society. This includes analytical thinking and effective communication as well as expertise about the nature of government and institutions.

Degree requirements for this course are:

  •  Matric with at least 735 marks and FA/FSc with at least 660 marks 
  • American High School Diploma with at least 80% marks
  • International Baccalaureate with at least 30 or above points out of 45
  • GCE ‘O’ Level passes in 6 subjects with minimum 3 B’s and A Level with an average of C in 3 principal subjects. No credit in A Level will be given for any Advanced Subsidiary or General Paper or any other half credit course.
  • Students who do not meet the initial admissions criteria (i.e. 735 marks in matric or 3Bs in O-Level) and expect to meet the final criteria (i..e. 660 marks in intermediate or average of C in 3 principal subjects in A-level) are also required to fill the online form. A special entrance examination and interview process will be held for these candidates after the declaration of A-Level/intermediate results

Media studies courses vary according to university, so some are more vocational than others. Obviously most media studies graduates tend to want to work in journalism, TV and PR, but there are several sub-sections and roles within these industries.
Many graduates start at a low level or in unpaid internships. Expect to enter journalism as an editorial assistant or junior reporter before working your way up. Alternatively, those looking for job in TV production will often start as runners or junior research, while public relations officers will learn the ropes from more senior colleagues.

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