The program includes a focus on social, emotional, cognitive, and neurobiological features of normal and atypical development; approaches to assessment, diagnosis and interventi...

Duration: Full Time, 3 Years
Tuition Fee: N/A
Admission Date: Jan-Feb
Degree Type: PhD

The curriculum is specifically designed to introduce students to theories of psychology, procedures, and practices in the fields of child psychology...

Duration: Full Time, 3-5 Years
Tuition Fee: N/A
Admission Date: Sep-Oct
Degree Type: PhD

As a student of Clinical Psychologist, you will go through vigorous trainings in administering psychological tests, interpreting the results...

Duration: Full Time, 2-3 Years
Tuition Fee: PKR 52,800/- per Semester
Admission Date: May-Jun
Degree Type: PhD

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