Biotechnology is the application of biological organisms, systems or processes to produce substances or production techniques useful to mankind. Mod...

Duration: Full Time, 5 Years
Tuition Fee: PKR 25,000/- per Semester
Admission Date: Sep-Oct
Degree Type: PhD

The doctorate of botany  offer a rigorous program for students who are curious and aim at getting at the core of economic issues, and who have the ...

Duration: Full Time, 3 Years
Tuition Fee: PKR 23500/- per Semester
Admission Date: N/A
Degree Type: PhD

Ph.D. in Biological Science is the terminal degree for students who wish to eventually pursue a leadership role in academic, governmental or industr...

Duration: Full Time, 3-5 Years
Tuition Fee: N/A
Admission Date: Mar-Apr, Aug-Sep
Degree Type: PhD