A manufacturing engineer is the creative pillar of our modern society. Manufacturing engineers deal with creating and developing various items, tech...

Duration: Full time, 2 Years
Tuition Fee: PKR 50,000/- per Semester
Admission Date: Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct
Degree Type: MS

The Masters Program students are required to complete 22 classroom credit hours, 2 laboratory credit hours and an industrial research thesis of six ...

Duration: Full Time, 2 Years
Tuition Fee: PKR 42,000/- per Semester
Admission Date: May-Jun
Degree Type: MS

Manufacturing Engineering is a domain of professional engineering which requires the education and experience necessary to understand, apply a...

Duration: Full Time, 2 Years
Tuition Fee: PKR 21,000/- per Semester
Admission Date: Dec-Jan
Degree Type: MSc